Want to Learn How to Edit Videos? (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a video editing series that will hopefully tackle some of the major frustrations that you have with video editing and/or any questions that you may have. Some of the major complaints of video are the amount of time it takes to edit a video and the  “techie geeky” stuff behind using the software. However, I did some crowd sourcing via social media and you all told me your number #1 frustration. Therefore, I am providing you the #1 solution. Check it out below: 

Please note that even though this demo is shown using iMovie, the same principle can be applied to any video editing software.

So what do ya think about my number solution to help reduce the time it takes to edit videos? Please leave your comments down and other tips that you may have to help lower the time of the dreadful video editing process. 

One More Thing….

If you  want get started with video editing by using Camtasia, iMovie or Screenflow, I am hosting a Summer Camp that will walk  you through  getting familiar with the software. It includes 1 week of live 90 minute comprehensive online classes with the ability to ask questions and receive recordings. You will also learn the specific techniques for creating certain types of videos with the appropriate branding for your business as an online entrepreneur and blogger.

Click here to get more information and reserve your seat. 

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