Free Live Workshop and Q&A: LIVE Video, Technology of Livestreaming, and A-list Clients with Chris Miller

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with LIVE Video

This Wednesday, I’m hosting THE most amazing live workshop and Q&A EVER.

Learn How to Instantly Turn Your Business into a Leading Authority in your Niche through LIVE Video – 5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Livestreaming

My good friend Chris and I are hosting a LIVE workshop/webinar and Q&A session for professional bloggers, podcasters, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and content creators who want to learn how to get started with LIVE Video and use it grow their business and grow their business FAST!

Chris is known in the tech industry as an ACTUAL rock star with several appearances all over the U.S. including a few SXSW conference keynotes (this is where we met in 2011) underneath his belt.

So I am BEYOND ecstatic to announce that I will be hosting a LIVE workshop and Q+A with this powerhouse entrepreneur. 


The workshop is all about the most important types of live streaming video content you need to create ASAP if you are serious about involving LIVE video in your marketing strategy.

*Here's a little secret: LIVE Video is here to stay (it is not a fad, I promise).*

One of my favorites is a technique you can implement to start making money outside of your current clients/customers within ONE hour (seriously?)

This is all happening Wednesday, August 17th, at 11 AM Eastern (that's 8 AM Pacific).

I'm just looking over our outline while I'm this, and holy sh*t we are covering a lot of ground in this workshop. This is top-notch, "I can't believe I never though of that!" kinda stuff. I'm just as excited to learn from Chris as I am to deliver some of my own ninja tactics.


Instantly Turn Your Business into a Leading Authority in your Niche through LIVE Video - 5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Livestreaming

(Even if you have zero experience...and are scared to death to get on video)

We're going to show you...

  • How to get started with LIVE video even if you are scared to death to get on video.
  • How you can establish yourself as an expert so that you can attract engaged audience who love working with you and in turn provide DWOM (Digital Word of Mouth).
  • How to feel super confident in dealing with all of thetechie geeky stuff that had you feeling freaked out and kept you playing small.
  • The fastest way to get leads in 1 Hour with Live Video (seriously?)
  • The 5 steps to growing your business with live streaming.
  • Plus a LIVE Q&A Session so you can get all of your questions answered (ask us anything!)

This is a really fabulous opportunity to come hang out with us and get some personal advice. Even if you can't come live, register to get the replay!!

Bring your questions, your excuses, your ideas, and your fears - we'll bust right through them.

Do you have questions for us that you want us to answer in the webinar?

Ask your live streaming video and marketing strategy questions IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and we'll address them in the workshop!



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