Free Live Workshop and Q&A: LIVE Video, Technology of Livestreaming, and A-list Clients with Chris Miller

This Wednesday, I’m hosting THE most amazing live workshop and Q&A EVER. Learn How to Instantly Turn Your Business into a Leading Authority in your Niche through LIVE Video – 5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Livestreaming My good friend Chris and I are hosting a LIVE workshop/webinar and Q&A session for professional bloggers,…

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Turning to Tech When Tech Fails: How Delta Airlines Can Use Facebook LIVE to Communicate with its Customers During a Power Outage Crisis

Yesterday was not fun for the Delta Airlines Corporation. Unfortunately, they experienced a similar situation to what Southwest Airlines went through about three weeks ago, but on a larger scale(we are talking global). According to the Wall Street Journal, the power outage that occurred in the electrical systems of Delta were due to “antiquated technology…

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Pros & Cons of Self-Hosted Video

Where do I put my videos after I create them? When it comes to video, some people allow themselves to get overwhelmed on deciding on which platform to put them on… i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. or on self-hosted platforms such Amazon S3, Easy Web Video, etc.I recently conducted an interview with Michael Krisa  from Easy…

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Want to Learn How to Edit Videos? (Part 2)

The #1 way to reduce the time spent on video editing

This is part 2 of a video editing series that will hopefully tackle some of the major frustrations that you have with video editing and/or any questions that you may have. Some of the major complaints of video are the amount of time it takes to edit a video and the  “techie geeky” stuff behind using…

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Want to Learn How to Edit Videos? (Part 1)

Video Editing Part 1 - Which Video Editing Software do I choose?

AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME to research tutorials all over the web to create awesome videos. Video Editing can be a real pain in the ….. UKNOWHAT, especially if you have no clue on where to get started. Some of the major complaints are the amount of time it takes to edit a video, the  “techie…

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